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Jinai Sun


Visiting Assistant Professor

Department of Modern and Classical Languages

North Central College, Naperville, IL
Office: Kiekhofer Hall #2
Phone: 630-637-5263



Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, 2011





101 Elementary Chinese I ( 3.00 )

Introduction to the basic structure of Chinese language. Pronunciation and tonal accuracy are strongly stressed, with gradual development of communication skills and verbal fluency. About 400 Chinese characters are mastered by the end of the Elementary Chinese sequence.


102 Elementary Chinese II ( 3.00 )

A continuation of Elementary Chinese I. Prerequisite: CHI 101.


103 Elementary Chinese III ( 3.00 )

A continuation of Elementary Chinese II. Prerequisite: CHI 102.


201 Intermediate Chinese I ( 3.00 )

Continued development of verbal communication skills, with introduction of proverbs and idioms. Writing skills are emphasized; 500 new characters are learned by the completion of the Intermediate sequence. Students are exposed to important cultural aspects of the Chinese language. Prerequisite: CHI 103.


202 Intermediate Chinese II ( 3.00 )

A continuation of Intermediate Chinese I. Prerequisite: CHI 201. GER:Humanities.


203 Intermediate Chinese III ( 3.00 )

A continuation of Intermediate Chinese II. Prerequisite: CHI 202.


299 Independent Study ( 1.00-9.00 )

Instructor consent required.


310 Conversation and Composition ( 3.00 )

Focuses on continued development and expansion of vocabulary, oral proficiency, and writing skills. Students read, discuss, and summarize texts.


311 Contemporary Chinese Culture Through Films & Literary Works ( 3.00 )

This course draws connections between the everyday Chinese life and Confucianism by focusing on significant social issues over the past 100 years. Topics explored include the family structure, parent-child relationships, the evolving role of women, gender issues, and other profound changes and developments taking place in contemporary Chinese cultures. Prerequisite: CHI310.


Research Interests:


·         Organizational Theories

·         Language Planning

·         Chinese Foreign Language Implementation in American Schools



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